This is a kind of “Do-not-disturb” desk flag I made for my wife’s desk. She’s a lovely thing, but often busy.

I play Elder Scrolls Online with a buddy every week. We crack a few beers, chat about life and beat up on goblins or whatever. It’s good, stupid fun. Anyway, a while ago we decided we should have a team name. My buddy suggested ‘Team Zappybird’, as he has a giant bird that he attacks people with, and I’m a lightening-weilding wizard. It made us both laugh, so I thought I’d make a tach patch for us. I’m a nerd.

Here’s how that book cover turned out. I uploaded an in-progress sketch for this a while back. TOTALLY different than what the client ended up with. shrug

lulz – I challenged a chef to a cooking contest. Pft.

More old-school stuff – photomontage from Tallahassee.

A portrait of the artist and his moll at rest.

My boys at the beach.

Old poster I did for a show. Made T-shirts with that skull design on them, too.

Polk Gulch

OK, this is a disturbing bit of P-shop work, I know. I did it to goof on a friend who’d just had a baby. Having written that out, it is maybe even more disturbing than I thought. Know a good therapist?

Old poster for a band I did back in the day. #JosePosada4EVAH

Here’s a Golden Oldie: I made this thing 4 years ago for a Christmas project at an ad agency I used to work for. It was one of a number of similar videos that would play in-between pulls on this Bad Gift Generator thing called The Crap-o-Matic. The little talking poop guy was sort of it’s mascot. Good times.

I didn’t make this, but I sure do love it.

An oldie, but a goodie: photography collage from Tallahassee.


This is a sketch I did as a study for a book cover I’m designing. Look at all those daggers!

Ooh, there’s an old fella.

Flew out to Kansas City to shoot an interview, and now I think I’m all important.

Home brewin' some homebrew.

Someone stole a nectarine off the desk of an executive assistant at a company I was working for. This executive assistant spent the next two days reviewing footage from the security cameras in an effort to find out who the thief was. This incident became known as ‘Peachgate 2016’, and I made this image for it. What a world.